Our job is to bring ‘real Japan’ to the rest of the world

We are a regional land operator based in Takamatsu and we focus on Shikoku and the many islands of the Seto Inland Sea including the Art Islands. We offer immersive, off-the-beaten track Japan experience and seamless tour planning services for clients who want to see Japan in a whole new perspective. We provide our clients that unforgettable grassroots travel experience. From agri-tourism including authentic farm stay experiences, to the spiritual experience of the Ohenro Pilgrimage, and bespoke luxury experiences, to more niche craft tourism, we provide unique travel solutions for everyone!




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    Discover Shikoku

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Our Shikoku-based team of experts design and execute private tours, special interest tours, and corporate/group tours while delivering a seamless experience tailor-made to met your needs while traveling around Shikoku and the Seto Inland Sea.


    We customize private tours from cost-effective itineraries to more luxurious experiences in order to satisfy your special travel needs.


    As a local land operator, we handle a variety of special interest tours in Shikoku and the Seto Inland Sea. From architecture and contemporary art to ohenro pilgrimage tours.


    From factory/studio visits, team building exercises, and sightseeing, you can rest assured that our tours are tailor made to make your employees or group happy!

Highlight Services

Discover ShikokuLuxury Private Tour

Discover Shikoku is a full-service bespoke luxury DMC providing 100% customized full-service support including luxury cars, cruisers & yachts, bilingual guiding, bespoke accommodations, experiences, private dining, etc.

Discover Shikoku

“We had a fantastic time exploring Japan with Discover Shikoku. They helped us get off the beaten path, so we could experience traditional Japan away from the tourist traps. Our guide Sean was outstanding - he went above and beyond making sure we were comfortable and personalizing each day to our interests.”

- A. Kapur -

Traditional Arts & Textile Tours

Anabuki Travel specializes in providing you with a unique, authentic, immersive, hands-on experiences that will challenge your perceptions of travel in Japan. A good example of this is our crafting tour which takes you on a journey of artistic discovery. Starting in Kagawa, you will encounter the transformative contemporary works found on the “Art Islands” of the azure Seto Inland Sea. Next you will continue on to rustic Tokushima to experience indigo dyeing the traditional way before visiting the remote Iya Valley to stay the night in meticulously restored traditional style houses that combine the charm of the past with modern luxury. After the idyllic stay, you will venture to Kochi to visit Yusuhara, a tiny mountain village that boasts architectural masterpieces by Kengo Kuma as well as participate in traditional paper crafting under the direction of an artist whose works have been commissioned for Kuma’s own interiors. The tour will end with a halcyon day in Matsuyama, home of the famous Dogo Onsen.

“We have designed a rich, wide-ranging itinerary, which is both forward-looking and rooted in tradition. It will appeal to people with a broad interest in art, craft and design. Seldom visited by tourists, Shikoku epitomizes a more laid-back side of Japan. Traveling in autumn, we will enjoy brilliant fall foliage and crisp weather. “ Jessica Warner (owner -Twofold Handcrafted Travel)


[ Shikoku Pilgrimage ]

At Anabuki Travel, we focus on bringing you nature, beautiful walking routes, and local experiences.

Shikoku Pilgrimage, said to be the same route used by Kūkai in the 8th century is a spiritual experience which still resonates with modern pilgrims today.

Ohenro Pilgrimage Tours

  • Shikoku Ohenro Tour


  • 2-Day Shikoku Ohenro Tour


  • 4-Day Shikoku Ohenro Tour


  • Ohenro Startup Tour
    Visit the First Temples of Japan’s Ancient Pilgrimage


  • The road to Shugendo - Mt. Ishizuchi


  • Hiwasa: Old Traditions, New Styles


  • Where the Sky Meets the Ocean


  • There’s More Than What Meets the Eye in Takamatsu


[ Iya Valley ]

Have you ever imagined passing a beautiful village nestled on the mountain slopes where the descendants of the 12th century Taira Clan have been residing for hundreds of years?
The more than 300-year-old thatched houses hiding in the small forests that smatter the area are renovated to cater to both local and international visitors and provides charming scenery.

Iya Valley Tours

  • Takamatsu and Iya Valley Tour


[ Art Islands ]

What is art? What is beauty? These questions have pervaded the world of fine art, and indeed the thoughts of humankind, for ages. The various installations and works found amid the azure waters and verdant greenery of the Art Islands offer the perfect chance to approach these questions.

Renovated “art houses” and industrial buildings from an often-damaging industrial past demonstrate the transformative nature that art can possess and the benefit it can give to modern society. Art can be an elusive thing, sometimes tantalizingly close; dimly visible through the mist and offering us some benefit or reward. These islands might not guarantee an answer, but after visiting, the answers seem so much closer than before.

Art Island Tours


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